College Preparatory and Transitional Studies

Classes in the College Preparatory and Transitional Studies are designed for students who need refresher courses in English, math, and/or reading before taking college-level courses. These classes provide an excellent starting point for many students who are focused on their educational futures. Courses are structured for students who score at or above the minimum entrance scores on the college’s placement test, but below specific program-entrance requirements.  Developmental-level courses (011, 012, 031 and 032) are offered in a computer-based format and are often available fully online. Integrated reading and English classes (RWR 032, RWR 100) are available to help students progress into curriculum-level courses more quickly. RWR 032/ RWR 012 replaces both RDG 012/ RDG 032 and ENG 012/ ENG 032; similarly, RWR 100 replaces both RDG 100 and ENG 100.

COL 103, Introduction to College, is a course designed to assist students with study skills, time and stress management, budgeting, career planning, and note taking.

Courses in College Preparatory and Transitional Studies are listed below.

Courses Course Title Credit Hours
COL 101College Orientation1
COL 103College Skills3
COL 108Basic Graphing Calculator Skills1
ENG 012Developmental English Workshop1
ENG 032Developmental English3
ENG 100Introduction to Composition (Non-Degree Credit)3
RWR 012Integrated Developmental Reading and Developmental English Workshop1
RWR 032Integrated Developmental Reading and Developmental English3
RWR 100Integrated Transitional Reading and English (Non-Degree Credit)3
MAT 011Developmental Mathematics Basics Workshop1
MAT 012Developmental Mathematics Workshop1
MAT 031Developmental Math Basics3
MAT 032Developmental Mathematics3
MAT 101Beginning Algebra3
MAT 152Elementary Algebra5
RDG 012Developmental Reading Workshop1
RDG 032Developmental Reading3
RDG 100Critical Reading3