New Student Philosophy

We believe that the success of our mission to transform lives and strengthen communities hinges on the effectiveness of our efforts with our new students. During the critically important first academic year, we will establish a solid educational foundation and begin building strong relationships that will lay the groundwork for future academic, personal, and professional success.

We will meet all new students where they are in life and provide them with the opportunity to achieve their goals, regardless of their social or academic background. From their first point of contact with the college, all the way through graduation, we will provide students with a warm, welcoming environment, and with an individualized education plan that is tailored to their unique needs.

Through a data-driven process of continuous improvement, we will partner with all new students to assess their skills, to understand their needs, and to provide the instruction, tools, resources and support systems enabling them to succeed at our institution. As a result, students will leave us qualified to achieve their career goals, and to become self-directed learners.