Important Reminders for All Students

The following items are important for students to remember as they visit campus and complete coursework.

Bulletin Boards

All student club notices and other publicity such as posters and flyers must be approved through the Student Success Center. Posters or other materials shall not be posted on glass, vinyl, wood or painted surfaces of the buildings.

Children on Campus

Piedmont Technical College is not able to offer child care services to students with children. As a result, students must make arrangements for child care while they are attending classes or working in labs. The presence of children in classes or labs is disruptive for the instructor and fellow classmates, and we want everyone to gain as much as possible from the educational experience at PTC.

Copyright Policy and Infringement

Piedmont Technical College expects all students and employees to adhere to federal copyright laws. Copyright infringement is the reproduction, distribution, performance, public display or derivation of a copyrighted work without the explicit authorization of the copyright owner. Infringement is a serious offense that violates one or more of the exclusive rights granted to copyright holders. More information on copyright law and infringement is available at

Dress and Personal Appearance

Students are encouraged to use their own discretion and judgment in selection of clothing to be worn and personal appearance at the college. If, however, extreme styles of dress interfere with the educational process, or are found to be offensive by another student, appropriate attire will be suggested to the student. Each department head has the prerogative to require dress appropriate to the career field for which the student is preparing.

Social Media

Piedmont Technical College students should exercise caution, sound judgment, common sense, and professionalism when using social media sites. Improper use including unprofessional or unethical conduct and breach in confidentiality may violate state and federal laws and could result in disciplinary action.

Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices

Electronic devices may be used in classrooms, per the instructor’s discretion and for maintaining access to PTC Alerts through the college’s emergency notification system. If an extenuating circumstance exists, the student must notify the instructor in advance and set the device to silent mode. Violation of the electronic device policy outlined in the course syllabus may result in dismissal from class and disciplinary action.

Student Consumer Information

Piedmont Technical College is committed to providing students with the necessary information and resources to help achieve their goals.

Information on a variety of topics including Student Financial Assistance; Student Outcomes; Consumer Contacts; and General Institutional Information are located on the Piedmont Technical College Student Consumer page. Some very important information regarding the Health and Safety of our students can also be found here.

The Piedmont Technical College Student Consumer page is located on our website at Questions or requests for written copies of the information should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Communications.

COVID-19 Expectations for Students

  • Face coverings are required at all times inside all campus buildings, unless you are in a private office or you are eating inside campus dining facilities.
  • Social distancing of 3 feet apart will be expected at all times while on campus.
  • Students who are sick or who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms should not report to campus. Individuals reporting to campus will be screened with a questionnaire prior to being allowed on campus. You may view the questions you will be asked here:
  • Students who have tested positive or who have been exposed to individuals who have tested positive should self-disclose to their faculty to ensure the safety of their fellow students and PTC employees to the greatest extent possible.