Online Honor Policy and Online Confidentiality of Email and Online Materials

Students must strictly adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Students will not divulge his/her username or password to anyone.
  2. Students will post answers to course assignments using his/her username and password only.
  3. Students will take the online exams using his/her username and password only.
  4. Students understand that the online exams are closed book and will not refer to his/her textbook while taking the exams (unless explicitly told otherwise by his/her instructor).
  5. Students will not divulge the content of the online exams to any other student, whether enrolled in the course or not.
  6. Students will report any violations of this honor code to the instructor.

Students must understand the violation of this honor code will constitute a violation of the Student Code for the South Carolina Technical College System and will be subject to the appropriate sanctions as described in the PTC student handbook.

All students’ email addresses may be available to other students in the class. Although some assignments in an online course may require peer communication, the instructor will make every effort to protect the confidentiality of any personal communication. However, students should recognize that email and other electronic media are never totally secure; therefore, there is no guarantee of the privacy of your email.

The use of Piedmont Technical College’s website, email service and/or online learning management system software for the creation and/or distribution of material not pertaining to course participation is prohibited and may be grounds for disciplinary actions according to College Policy. Such actions include, but are not limited to, the inappropriate use of email and discussion boards for harassment, unlawful solicitation, and “spamming” and the use of editing tools within the online learning management system software to create offensive material and/or to link to inappropriate materials. To protect your privacy, do not share your college ID or password with anyone else.