Attendance Expectation

It is the philosophy of Piedmont Technical College that student-instructor and student-student interactions are critical to bringing about student learning. Such interactions allow students to develop competencies in the skills and knowledge of the particular course subject, work ethic and interpersonal skills. Unless there are circumstances beyond the control of an individual student that prevent him/her from attending a class session, each student should attend all class sessions of a course.

Individual instructors establish the attendance expectations for the courses they teach. Students are expected to know and abide by the attendance expectations set forth in their instructor’s course materials. If an absence is unavoidable, the student should contact their instructor as soon as possible. Class attendance is expected from the first class meeting. If a student does not attend the first class meeting, he/she may be dropped.

Attendance in online classes is established through the use of an introductory activity. If a student has completed the introductory activity, the student will be considered to be enrolled in the course. Students who have not completed the introductory assignment in an online course by the due date established by the instructor may be dropped. Beyond this initial activity, additional participation expectations/due dates will be established by individual instructors.

Once a student has established his/her attendance in a class, it is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a class, if he/she desires to do so.

Special note on Attendance Requirements for Veterans

Students eligible for assistance under the G.I. Bill must satisfy documentation requirements of the program. Veterans should consult with the Veterans Services Coordinator to ensure compliance regarding attendance.

Late Instructor Policy

We do not expect faculty to be late. In the event of an emergency, however, if an instructor is late in arriving for class, students should wait at least 15 minutes from the assigned start time before signing a roll and leaving. After the first five minutes, one student from the class should inform the Department Head/Academic Program Directors, division Administrative Assistants or Student Success Center. It may be possible to provide alternative instruction if the authorities are informed in time, and we would like to be able to provide instruction for every scheduled session.