Mission and Vision

Institutional Vision

We will become a premier community college with a shared commitment to create vibrant learning communities through relentless pursuit of student success and economic prosperity for all stakeholders.

Institutional Mission 

Piedmont Technical College transforms lives and strengthens communities by providing opportunities for intellectual and economic growth.

The college, a member of the South Carolina Technical College System, is a public comprehensive two-year postsecondary institution. Piedmont Technical College contributes to the economic growth and development of the largest and most diverse region of the technical college system, Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda counties and to the state.

The college responds to the academic, training and public service needs of the community through excellence in teaching and educational services. Piedmont Technical College’s open admissions policy provides accessibility for individuals with diverse backgrounds the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills for employment in engineering technology, industrial technology, agriculture, business, health, and public service.

Piedmont Technical College graduates develop competencies in communication, mathematics, problem solving and technology.

The college offers university transfer; associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in technical and occupational areas; college preparatory programs; student development programs providing academic, career and individual support; and custom-designed credit and non-credit programs to provide training for business and industry and to meet the needs of the community.

To optimize access to higher education in the rural seven-county service area, Piedmont Technical College offers distance learning courses through multiple modes of delivery. (Revision approved by the PTC Area Commission on April 21, 2015. Approved by the Commission on Higher Education on June 30, 2015.)

Educational Vision

Piedmont Technical College places learning first by engaging and empowering each learner to achieve learning outcomes within an innovative, learning-enriched environment.

Educational Mission

At Piedmont Technical College, our educational mission is to provide the instructional experiences necessary for students to attain general and technical competencies in their respective curricula. These competencies are reflected in the skills necessary for a student to enter the workplace, to participate in continuous lifelong learning and to adapt to a changing world.

The achievement of these educational competencies is a collaborative effort among the college, the students and the workplace. The competencies serve as the linkage in this effort by providing structure for the college’s curricula and instructional processes, an academic “roadmap” for active student participation in educational experiences and the criteria for assessing the quality of the educational preparation received by the college’s graduates.