Advising Tips

You are urged to establish a close relationship with your Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor is a faculty member assigned to help you set and reach your academic and career goals.

Why should I meet with an Academic Advisor? What are my advisor’s roles and responsibilities?

Your advisor will:

  • Assist in creating degree plans consistent with your academic and career goals.
  • Interpret college and career requirements.
  • Discuss academic problems or concerns.
  • Refer to appropriate resources to encourage academic success.
  • Clarify academic policies and procedures.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Be sensitive to your unique needs as a student.
  • Be available for advising appointments and respond in a timely manner.
  • Provide the Registration Code to enable you to register for classes.

What are my responsibilities in the advising process?

  • Schedule an appointment, show up on time and come prepared for the advising session.
  • Recognize that you are responsible for monitoring progress, meeting requirements and deadlines.
  • Understand college and financial aid policies and procedures.
  • Commit enough time to the advising process.
  • Seek assistance with decisions.
  • Follow through with advisor referrals to resources and services.
  • Access DegreeWorks, the PTC website, and campus communication tools regularly.

How do I prepare for my advising appointment?

  • Review the requirements of your major.
  • Review your degree plan and academic progress.
  • Consider your long and short term goals and determine if you are meeting them or if adjustments are needed.
  • For transfer majors, research potential transfer colleges/universities.
  • For health care majors, review program-ready requirements, program-ready GPA, and program application process.
  • Come prepared with questions.
  • Review the advising syllabus online.

Who is my advisor?

  • Your advisor’s name can be found on the Student tab in PTC Pathway.
  • Health Care Certificate students will be advised by CAREplan advisors.