Payment of Tuition and Fees

Full payment of tuition and fees is expected before the term begins. For your convenience, the college accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover for payment of tuition and fees. A 1.5 percent service charge will be applied to all credit card transactions. Registration on accounts not paid in full by the payment deadline will be deleted. Fees can be paid online by visiting, mailing a check or money order, calling the Piedmont Technical College Business Office at (864) 941-8322 or by visiting a Piedmont Technical College location. Once you are registered for classes, you are responsible for the tuition charged. Please notify the Student Records Office if you are not able to attend; otherwise, you could owe the college for those classes.

Future registrations will be blocked, all grades will be held, and no transcripts issued for any debt owed to the college. If a student fails to meet financial obligations to the college and the account is turned over to a collection agency or the S.C. Department of Revenue, the student will be responsible for paying all collection fees involved. Students have 30 days from written notification to dispute any outstanding balances. Personal checks will not be accepted for payment of debt.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will be assessed a $30 service charge. Registration will be canceled for any returned checks. The college will allow no more than one returned check per student. After one returned check, the college will accept only cash or credit card. Maximum penalty by state statute will be imposed at all times.

Payment Plan

Piedmont Technical College wants to make college as affordable as possible for you. To assist you in achieving your educational goals, a deferred payment plan for current term balances and prior term balances administered by Nelnet is available.

This is a payment plan and not a loan. Interest charges, finance charges and credit checks do not apply. View more information on the Payment Plan at


Students may receive refunds of tuition upon reduction of credit hours during the add/drop period of each term. To receive refunds, students must submit the Change of Class Schedule Form or drop courses through their Pathway account prior to the end of the add/drop period. A student is considered to be enrolled unless the student initiates the drop through Pathway or through the use of the Change of Class Schedule Form. Please see the student calendar, the college website at or the Student Records Office for dates of the add/drop periods. Refunds for student-initiated drops will be processed as they occur and mailed on Friday of the following week.

This refund policy applies to all students. A student receiving financial assistance should consult the Financial Aid Office before reducing credit hours to determine the impact on current term financial aid awards and eligibility in receiving future financial aid.

The reissue of lost or misplaced checks may be subject to an additional processing fee.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact the Business Office at (864) 941-8322.