Auditing of Courses

A student who desires to attend classes regularly but does not wish to take examinations or receive credit may register as an auditor. No credit is awarded for such courses and cannot be granted at a later date. A student may not change the registration status of a course from or to audit once the drop/add period has ended. The participation of auditors in class discussions or examinations is at the discretion of the instructor. Students are required to pay $55 per credit hour to audit and should attend classes regularly.

There must be an acceptable number of students in a course before audits are allowed. Auditing students may be asked to demonstrate or prove the necessary prerequisites prior to enrolling in specific coursework.

Nursing and Health Care students who re-enroll and/or repeat program courses must adhere to the audit policy outlined by the department. Students are responsible for any fees associated with the course such as insurance and testing fees.

Federal regulations will not allow students to receive financial aid for courses being audited.