Security of Student Records

The privacy and confidentiality of all current and former student records shall be preserved at Piedmont Technical College. Student records are maintained and safeguarded by the Student Records Office. Each student has the right to inspect and challenge the accuracy of his/her records.

Only the student may view his/her record or request in writing any issuance of the record. If other individuals wish to review or receive copies of a student’s record, they must have the student’s written permission to view or receive a copy. Parents or guardians may, upon validating with the Student Records Office that the student is a dependent, view or receive a copy of the student’s record. To continue this access, parents must validate the student’s dependent status each year.

Furnishing Student Records Information

Piedmont Technical College is mandated by the 1974 Buckley Amendment, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Public Law 93-380 to guarantee each student’s academic privacy. The following procedures are in place to assure compliance with FERPA:

  1. Transcripts will be issued through Parchment. Access to this feature is available on the PTC website at
  2. Enrollment verifications will be issued through the National Student Clearinghouse. Access to this feature is available on the PTC website at

  3. The college may provide directory information in accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The following is considered directory information at Piedmont Technical College:
    1. student name
    2. address
    3. email address
    4. telephone number
    5. major field of study
    6. dates of attendance
    7. degrees and awards received
    8. enrollment status
    9. photograph
    10. grade level or year

Students may request extended security be placed on their record by contacting the Student Records Office.

Methods of Furnishing Student Records Information

The following are exempted from the requirement of written student permission:

  1. Other school officials who have legitimate educational interest.
  2. Authorized representatives of the Comptroller General, administrative head of an educational agency or state education auditors.
  3. Judicial representatives in compliance to a subpoena or law enforcement order. (A copy of this order would be placed in the student’s record with date of issuance posted.)
  4. Agency representatives in connection with a student application for a receipt of financial aid.

Separate files are maintained for records in the following categories: academic, disciplinary, counseling, financial aid and placement. When justified by legitimate law enforcement needs, the Campus Police and Security Office may maintain confidential records relating primarily to its investigative function.

The information listed below cannot be issued over the telephone to anyone, including the student.

  • Social Security number
  • grades
  • GPA
  • academic standing

A signed Request Authorization must be obtained to authorize release of this information to anyone. The release of restricted information will be the responsibility of Student Records staff so that proper documentation can be maintained.

For additional information on the security and release of student records, please visit the PTC website at