Grading Policy


At the end of the term, grade point averages (GPAs) are computed for the academic work completed for that term and for the cumulative academic work completed while at Piedmont Technical College. Unless a course is repeated, the grade point average is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the number of term hours attempted as shown in the following example. When a course is repeated, the highest grade earned will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average. The student’s record, however, will continue to carry the original grade awarded, but it will not be calculated into the GPA. If a student repeats a course due to the age of the first attempt and the course cannot count toward graduation, the most recent attempt will be calculated into the GPA, even if the grade is lower than the first attempt.


Course Grade Grade Points Hrs. Att. Quality Points
MAT 110 College Algebra A 4 3.0 12.0
ENG 101 English Comp I C 2 3.0 6.0
BIO 101 Biological Science I D 1 4.0 4.0
PSY 103 Human Relations B 3 3.0 9.0
Total 13.0 31.0

31.0 Quality Points ÷ 13.0 hours = 2.38 GPA

Midterm Grading

At the mid-point of each term (excluding summer and other condensed terms), a midterm grade for each student will be assigned by the instructor. The following grade designations will be used:

  • S = Satisfactory: The student is likely to earn an A, B, or C
  • M = Marginal: The student is in danger of failing
  • U = Unsatisfactory: The student is likely to earn a D, F, or NC depending on the curriculum requirement.

Students can access their midterm grades through PTC Pathway after grades are posted. Academic advisors and counselors monitor midterm grades to provide assistance in improving students’ grade performance.

Final Grading

Letter grades are given in all courses at the end of each term to indicate the quality of work done by the student. Students must check their final grades at the end of each term on PTC Pathway.

Letter Grade Grade Range Explanation Grade Points
A 94-100 Excellent 4 grade points per term hour
B 85-93 Above Average 3 grade points per term hour
C 75-84 Average 2 grade points per term hour
D 70-74 Passing 1 grade points per term hour
F 69-0 Failure No grade points

(Science courses may use a 10-point grading scale.)

AU = Audit

Assigned when a student has enrolled in a course for audit purposes. (No credit awarded).

CF = Carry Forward

Awarded only for a course that is scheduled across terms such as self- paced, or, where applicable, independent study. No credit or grade points are earned at the time of grading. The “CF” grade must be replaced by a permanent grade when the course is completed. After a period of 20 weeks, the “CF” will convert to an “F” grade if all course requirements are not completed.

E = Exempt

Indicates a course was exempted by the student. Specific codes for the appropriate types of exemption are:

  • EA = Exemption: High School Articulation
  • EE = Exemption: Examination
  • EL = Exemption: Life Experience
  • EM = Exemption: Military
  • EP = Exemption: Advanced Credit (AP exams, CLEP)
  • EO = Exemption: Other

I = Incomplete

A small part of the term’s work remains undone. The student is allowed 30 school days to remove the incomplete grade; otherwise, the “I” is changed to an “F.”

NC = No Credit

The student has made progress in a developmental course but needs to re-enroll to complete the course.

TR = Transfer

Awarded for allowable equivalent credits earned at other colleges or universities.

S = Satisfactory

Indicates an acceptable level of performance in a Continuing Education course.

U = Unsatisfactory

Denotes failure to attain an acceptable level of achievement in a Continuing Education course.

W = Withdrawal

Awarded under the following circumstances:

  • Student-initiated withdrawal after the add/drop period, but at least two weeks prior to the end of the term. The deadline for condensed terms may be earlier. Students should withdraw through PTC Pathway.
  • Administrative withdrawal for certain extenuating circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, disciplinary issues, health or safety concerns, or failure to comply with general policies and procedures of the college or clinical sites.

(Grades in developmental courses (0-level courses, like ENG 032 Developmental English) are followed by ‘^’ and do not earn quality points towards GPA calculation.)

Grade Appeals

Final grades may be appealed only within two consecutive terms following the term in which the grade was received. For example: Spring grade–Summer/Fall appeal; Summer grade–Fall/Spring appeal; Fall grade–Spring/Summer appeal.